Vertoak City Map for Minecraft 1.12/1.11.2/1.10.2


Vertoak City Map

The Vertoak City Map is a really fun map that lets players play the way they want to instead of forcing them into a predetermined set of objectives and this is exactly what sets it apart from all the other maps. It’s an open world styled city themed map in which you can pretty much do whatever you want to whether it’s exploration, finding secret tombs, unlocking secret chests and much more. There’s a lot to like about this map and it has a lot of tools to keep players entertained for hours upon hours if they give it a shot.
Vertoak City Map 1.9

Simply put, think of Vertoak City as a sort of city builder map. It has a very nice creation tool that you can use to put together many different kinds of structures according to your likings and preferences. There’s absolutely no restriction to what you build so you can use your imagination to its absolute fullest to create pretty much anything that you want to. However, it has a whole lot of other features for the players to enjoy as well other than just the building aspect. There are multitudes of secret tombs and rooms that hold many mysteries for you to uncover such as special chests containing rare items and artifacts.

Vertoak City Map

One of the major highlights of the Vertoak City map is that it’s one of the longest Minecraft maps out there. Most maps in the game tend to last for 30-40 minutes usually but this one will last significantly longer simply because there’s just so much to do in it. Everyone who’s played it has had nothing but positive things to say about it because there aren’t any major bugs. However, a few players have reported some framerate issues but that’s probably due to low-end machines.

The current version of the Vertoak City map is version 13 and it has been made compatible with all versions of Minecraft up until 1.8.8 so if you’re using 1.9 then you probably won’t be able to get it to run. Overall, this is a pretty fun map with multiple different ways to keep players entertained for countless hours.

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