Too Many Items Mod for Minecraft 1.12/1.11.2/1.10.2


Too Many Items Mod 1.11 is great pleasurable for those who like to build issues. Functioning calculators, big toilets that really flush, roller coasters that get to on the sky plus much more have all been built in Resourceful Method ahead of. The free of charge access to limitless materials is exactly what helps make Inventive Mode so enjoyment. On the other hand, what if you could get that very same access to all the things even though playing in Survival Method or, better still, Hardcore Mode? It will certain make the game less complicated, make bases Make quicker and obtain you in good armor and weapons before you even depart your spawn site.

Too Many Items Mods Minecraft

The TooManyItems Mod is the proper Minecraft mod for gamers who want all the ease of Artistic Manner, whatever the gameplay manner they pick out. While it doesn’t do the job in on-line servers, Marglyph’s Too Many Products is the ideal utility for men and women actively playing in single player. It capabilities usage of spawners, a favorites record for storing the elements and merchandise you’re keen on quite possibly the most for speedy entry, and solitary-button starting off and ending with the mod: just press the “O” key while investigating your inventory and also the window will pop right up. The trash can aspect is just one well worth mentioning as well.

With the trash can, you could delete objects from your inventory, or ideal simply click it after which you can delete whatsoever objects you simply click individually, or shift simply click it and filter out your complete stock in a single transfer. This is great for those who really like digging but despise hauling back every one of the Filth, cobblestone as well as other, ineffective junk they have a tendency to acquire while doing so. Whilst you could possibly use Marglyph’s Too Many Products on a web based server, you must be a server operator to take action, and unless it’s your personal server, check here there will undoubtedly be some errors or other problems to deal with.

New Features

  • The new 1.8 items
  • Enhanced enchantment, potion, and firework panels
  • All-new custom items: colored leather, player heads, signs with text, filled flower pots, preselected note blocks
  • New fuzzy search! You don’t have to type all the letters (e.g. RCMP for Redstone comparator)
  • Press enter in the search box to spawn the top item! Get items quicker than ever
  • Everything now fits in a sidebar; no more overlap with potion effects etc.
  • Easier My Items (favorites) editing with helpful tooltips
  • Rename save states
  • Unlimited stacks is now a global setting, along with keep items on death, prevent rain and more
  • Unlimited stacks refresh without ModLoader/Forge as long as you’ve opened the inventory
  • Switch to spectator mode
  • Improved multiplayer custom item spawning (still only if within chat length limit)
  • Fixed some bugs, possibly added new ones
  • Removed Herobrine spawner

How to install Too Many Items Mod 1.10.2

  1. Ensure that you have Minecraft Forge API installed. If you don’t, download and install it before you continue to the next step.
  2. Download the Too Many Items Mod as well and save it.
  3. Go to the download folder and locate the Animal Bikes Mod then copy and paste its content to the mods folder.
  4. Launch your Minecraft Game and enjoy!

Download Too Many Items Mod

Minecraft 1.10

  • Soon…

for Minecraft 1.8 – Non-Forge version!

for Minecraft 1.8 – Forge version!

for Minecraft 1.7.10 – Forge and Non-Forge version!

Credit: Marglyph



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