Tekkit ModPack 62 Mods for Minecraft 1.12/1.11.2/1.10.2


Tekkit ModPack 1.10.1 simply refers to a collection of great mods combined such that they can be installed as one. You don’t have to keep on playing the same old Minecraft anymore. You can add lots of excitement to it by just downloading and installing the Tekkit ModPack. It will add a lot of machinery which can be used to make even real factories. The mod pack is actually a part of the Technic Pack, which has a lot more than just the mods.

Tekkit ModPack

Advantages and disadvantages of Tekkit ModPack


  • Installation

The process of installation is very easy. The actual steps to be taken will be described later.

  • Many mods

You get lots of new and exciting mods installed all at once with this mod. You can change your whole Minecraft gaming experience by installing it.

  • Technical know-how

The knowledge required in order to install the Tekkit ModPack is only basic. You do not require any technical know-how.


  • Pre-determined mods.

The pack comes with pre-determined mods that will be installed. It might install some mods that you did not really want or need.

  • Space

Requires some good amount of free space for installation.

Some of the major mods included in the Tekkit Mod Pack are Industrial Craft 2, Buildcraft, RedPower 2, Computercraft and Equivalent Exchange. The other mods include Wireless Redstone, Nether Ores, Additional Pipes, Ender Chest, Charging Bench, Balkons Weapon mod and Crafting Table II among many others.

Tekkit ModPack 1.9

How to install Tekkit ModPack?

Before you start, login to Multicraft and select you server. Stop the server then follow the steps below.

  1. Download all the server files for the Tekkit Mod Pack.
  2. Go to your downloads folder and locate the downloaded file, then unzip the .zip file. Get all the unzipped files and upload them to your server. You can use FTP such as FileZilla for the upload process.
  3. Change the name of the file ‘modpack.jar to ‘custom.jar’.
  4. Ensure that your server is using custom jar so as to avoid any errors.
  5. Add a new world and make sure that you save it. This allows the mods that changes world generation to enhance your overall experience.
  6. The final step is to start your server and that is it. Enjoy the Minecraft Tekkit ModPack.

Download Tekkit ModPack 1.10.1


  1. Anyone care to verify the integrity of this platform/modpack? I would love to get some factories going in V.1.10! It has been some time since I played last…


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