SuperGamer Mod MCPE 0.15.7/0.15.6/0.15.0 APK


SuperGamer Mod MCPE APK – TooManyItems, Gamemode Change, Mob Editor!

Superior mod for superior people! Have you used SuperGamer yet?

SuperGamer Mod MCPE Minecraft PE is a sandbox building computer game that permits players to assemble developments out of compositions solid shapes in the 3D world. It was created for around a week prior to its open discharge on May 17, 2009, and picked up an extensive level of fame.

SuperGamer Mod MCPE
SuperGamer Mod MCPE

We had found that there are such a large number of clients on the web griping about Minecraft slacks. We are going to help some of them here:

What you can do?

  • Clean Registry Junk and Defrag the Registry
  • Set Minecraft Process Priority to High
  • Appropriately Set Process Affinity
  • Erase Browser History and Cache

Clean Registry Junk and Defrag the Registry

The registry is the focal spot of putting away generally shared application settings, client inclinations, amusement insights and documents and protests, (for example, DLLs) related data. An excess of garbage passages makes an issue in the Minecraft diversion runtime. What’s more, registry fracture backs off the procedure of recovering important data from the registry by Minecraft amusement.


You need to defrag the registry and clean the garbage sections appropriately. It is impractical to do both these exercises physically. An outsider item is required. Get best registry cleaner and framework enhancer for your PC/tablet.


Set Minecraft Process Priority to High

Assignment Manager empowers changing the procedures need to high, typical and low. By setting Minecraft need as high, you’re working frameworks will better focus on it and in this way Minecraft slacks won’t happen.

  • Open the diversion.
  • Minimize it briefly.
  • Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete.
  • Select the alternative Start Task Manager.
  • Snap Processes tab.
  • Right tap the procedure JAVAW.EXE and select Set Priority | High.
  • Affirm the change by clicking Change Priority catch in the affirmation dialog.
  • Close Task Manager.
  • Close and restart the amusement.

Legitimately Set Process Affinity

Processor proclivity is a local’s adjustment focal line booking calculation in a symmetric multiprocessing working framework. You have to set the Process Affinity as takes after to alter Minecraft slacking issue.

  • Open the amusement.
  • Minimize it incidentally.
  • Press Ctrl + Alt + Delete.
  • Select the choice Start Task Manager.
  • Snap Processes tab.
  • Right snap JAVAW.EXE process and select Set Affinity.
  • Verify that the main checkbox CPU 1 is checked and another, i.e. CPU 0 is unchecked.
  • Click OK catch.
  • Close and restart the amusement.

Erase Browser History and Cache

Each web program stores the data about the visited sites, sites log-ins, structure information and provisional records, according to its set-up. This leads backing off your program and accordingly solidifying down Minecraft pocket edition diversion.

You can utilize different mods to make the play easier. Who doesn’t want to be superior? So here comes the SuperGamer mod that will make you superior, no matter what the time is.

You have to eradicate the web history and erase the reserve substance with a specific end goal to alter this issue. A framework cleaner and framework analyzer utility may incorporate framework cleaner toolbox.


Version 4.5:
*Added new button styles (Must download GUI images)
*Added Mob Editor
*Added button size customization
*Added show/hide GUI

Version 5.0:
*Added ANDROID 2.3.x Support! (Thanks to MrARM)
*Added Welcome Message
*Changed GUI Layout
*Added more Mob Editor Features
*Added ID Reference
*Added crouching
*Fixed crash when killing mobs

GUI Image Instructions:
1. Unzip the images
2. Enable and load the script (This will create the required directory)
3. Go into sdcard/games/com.mojang/ModPE/SuperGamer/
4. Paste the 2 images and the font in the SuperGamer folder
5. Have fun!

Compatible with: MCPE 0.11.1,MCPE 0.12.1,MCPE 0.13.0,MCPE 0.13.2,MCPE 0.14.0,MCPE 0.15.0

Download SuperGamer Mod MCPE APK:

Download SuperGamer



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