S&K Realism Resource Pack 1.10.2/1.10.3/1.10


Over its roughly six year long lifespan, Minecraft have seen multitudes of different mods that have tried to enhance the experience for the players through many different means. Some of these have attempted to do this by adding new gameplay features whereas others have tried to do this by making the game look much better than its usual blocky self by improving the textures and such. The mods that try to improve or change the game’s look are resource packs and there’s a category of these packs that exists solely to refine the game’s look. These are referred to as the S&K realism resource packs.

The S&K Realism Resource Pack is hands down one of the best visual focused resource packs out there because it goes the extra mile to make sure that players have the best experience they can possibly get in terms of graphics. One of the best things about this mod is that it’s available in multiple different resolutions ranging from 512×512 to 64×64 so almost all players will be able to run it. Of course it looks best on the x512 resolution but running it at such a high resolution requires a rather high-end PC.

The focus of the S&K Realism Resource Pack is mainly towards the core textures of Minecraft that you see almost all the time. These includes things like wall textures, ground textures, grass, water and other similar things that you’re pretty much bound to run into when playing the game. While this does mean that it doesn’t cover the entire game, it also means that it excels at what it does cover. Every single texture that this pack has worked on looks absolutely phenomenal and has an incredible amount of detail. The mod truly lives up to the name of being a truly realistic resource pack and players will most certainly be pleased with what it offers.

Of course, as with most high definition realism resource packs for Minecraft, you need to have Optifine HD installed in order to run it at its fullest. If you don’t have Optifine HD installed then you’ll probably struggle trying to get it to function. Other than this, the mod is fairly straightforward and is very easy to install it into your game. The pack has been designed by           SavageStyle and keep in mind that it will only function on Minecraft 1.8 and 1.8.x versions so if you have an older client you won’t be able to run it.

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How to Install S&K Realism Resource Pack

Easy Installation With Optifine:

  1. Download the Faithful 64×64 Resource Pack
  2. Download and Install the Optifine HD
  3. Start Minecraft
  4. Click Options > Resource Packs > Open resource packs folder.
  5. Paste the texture file into this folder.

For MCPatcher HD:

  1. Download the Sphax PureBDcraft Resource Pack.
  2. Download MCPatcher HD.
  3. In the main patcher window, click the Add (+) button.
  4. Select the zip file containing the Texture you wish to apply.
  5. Click ‘Patch’ button.
  6. Enjoy

Note: If you do not like this texture, please try the Tron Inspired Resource Pack.

Download S&K Realism Resource Pack

For Minecraft 1.8.9/1.9/1.8/1.7.10

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