Single Player Commands Mod Minecraft PE 0.15.7/0.15.6/0.15.0


Single Player Commands Mod | MCPE APK

This is a very useful mod, and it is a free-to-download mod. The first step I will be taking is to showcase to you how to easily download and install Minecraft single player commands.

Single Player Commands Mod
Single Player Commands Mod
Single Player Commands Mod 0.12.3
Single Player Commands Mod 0.12.3


  • You can download BlockLauncher pro 0.12.2 from stores like Google play
  • Copy link to your clipboard
  • After copying, the BlockLauncher should be opened, then click on wrench at the top of the screen
  • Tap on Manage ModPE scripts, Import, and then Web address.
  • The link copied should be pasted here.
  • Open up the world, and have a blast.

Installing MCPE Single Player Commands can be done either by the automated installer or manual installer. The automated installer is an updated version of the manual installer, and can be run by simply clicking on “Browse”, select your Minecraft folder, and click one time each on “Backup Worlds” and “Backup Minecraft”. This is done to back up your files. After this, click on the install icon for installation. This gives you a full version of Single Player Commands. In case of any problem encountered, the backup version of Minecraft PE 0.12.2 should be restored, and the manual installation should be tried.

Single Player Commands Mod
Single Player Commands Mod

To do the manual installation, software called 7-Zip (on windows) should be downloaded, which will enable you to open the main Minecraft file. Next is to locate your Minecraft folder. A backup copy of Minecratf should be created immediately before going further. Then the Minecraft.jar should be opened using the downloaded 7-zip. The next step is to get the META-INF folder deleted from the Minecraft.jar file, then copy all files that end in “class” into the Minecraft.jar (the files are copied from the Single Player Commands zip). The minecraft.jar file should be closed, and all files ending in “jar” should be copied into the same directory as the Minecraft.jar file. Once this is done, you now have access to using all Minecraft commands including the single player commands mods.

Below are some commands you can enjoy in Minecraft.

/coords – Displays the current coordinates of the player

/panorama – Makes it easier to view a panorama

/climb – It allows for climbing of any surface

/freeze – It makes all monster still. They can neither move nor attack

/fly – a number should be added after the word “fly” depending on the speed you want. This gives you the opportunity to fly.

/ascend – Moves the player to the platform at the top

/kill – helps to kill the player

Download Single Player Commands Mod

Single Player Commands Pocket Edition BETA Web address:


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