RudoPlays Shaders Mod for Minecraft 1.12/1.11.2/1.10.2


RudoPlays Shaders Mod 1.10.1 From a visual stand point, Minecraft is a very simple game with very minimalistic graphics and not so much to offer. This, however, does not limit it from success even in term of visuals thanks to the large community of striving modders who work so hard to make it a fun and awesome game. Of all the mods that are created, only a few manage to stand out and be categorized as very successful. Among those very few mods is the RudoPlays Shaders Mod, which actually competes for the top spot.

RudoPlays Shaders Mod

RudoPlays Shaders Mod is one of the most realistic modification to Minecraft that gives it a lighting effect that is smoother with shadows that are more realistic and reflect shapes. You can also take advantage of all the other numerous effects that it has to offer, all without any difficulty. The mod is basically all about graphics. It will literally your world of Minecraft into a totally new and more immersive one with an experience that is more appealing than you have ever seen before. Simply put, it will allow you to enter into a Minecraft world that is stunningly beautiful.

RudoPlays Shaders Mod
Awesome RudoPlays Shaders Mod in Minecraft 1.9.1/1.9

Features of the RudoPlays Shaders mod:

  • Graphics

Its main feature and function is to improve graphics. It makes the entire game more realistic and beautiful. Softer light, more realistic shadows and better looking water are just some of the many things that you will get.

  • Specifications

Due to the fact that is changes a lot in terms of graphics, the mod can be very demanding to the system. The system should meet some required specification for it to work well. The results are totally worth it though.

Installation RudoPlays Shaders Mod 1.10.1

  1. Download the GLSL Shaders Mod.
  2. Download the RudoPlays Shaders Mod and the OptiFine as well.
  3. If you don’t have Minecraft Forge already installed, download and install it.
  4. Navigate to the folder Minecraft.jar and delete META-INF
  5. Drag and drop or copy and paste all the contents of the Forge folder that you downloaded into the jar.
  6. Drag and drop or copy and paste all the content of GLSL Shaders folder to jar
  7. Drag and drop or copy and paste all the content of OptiFine into jar
  8. Launch Minecraft and select ‘Options’
  9. Click on shaders then choose ‘Open shaderpacks folder’
  10. Drag and drop the RudoPlays Shaders to the folder.
  11. Choose RudoPlays Shaders and click on ‘Done’

Download RudoPlays Shaders Mod


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