Risugami’s Mods for Minecraft 1.12/1.11.2/1.10.2


Risugami’s Mods is essentially a combination of multiple different mods, all by the same developer, and each one of these mods enhances Minecraft quite a bit. This collection of mods is pretty high quality but there are a variety of thing

s that the players to need to keep in mind about it. First of all there’s the fact that it’s been out for nearly six years so a few mods might feel outdated on a technical level and alongside this there’s also the fact that the mods only function with Minecraft versions up until 1.6.2 so if your version of the game is over 1.6.2 then Risugami’s Mods probably won’t be able to function properly.

Risugami’s Mods Minecraft

Risugami’s Mods – Updated

Perhaps the biggest feature of Risugami’s Mods is the excellent modloader that it comes with. The purpose of this modloader is to streamline the entire process of applying mods and make it more convenient and easy overall which is great for players who are just getting into modding. It also makes sure that there are no conflicts in the mods that are designed to implement similar things such as item recipes and such so overall it’ll definitely make the modding experience much smoother for you.

Onto the actual mods, Risugami’s Mods also implements the amazing elemental arrows mod into the game. This mod adds a whole variety of very powerful and interesting arrows that players can use to wreck their foes. There are explosive arrows that explode upon contact, icy arrows that have ice related special effects, fire arrows that have burning effects and even a fun little egg arrow that’s more of a joke arrow than an actual arrow. In order to modify the arrows the mod alters their tips with special things for example the explosive arrows have gunpowder on their tips and the icy arrows have snow on their tips.

Alongside these things there’s also a spawner GUI that gives you a lot of control over how mods work. Through this interface you can control exactly what mobs are going to spawn in the area that you’re currently in. It’s worth remembering though that you can’t expect to spawn mobs that don’t naturally spawn in the area that you’re in and this is probably to avoid any weird scenarios for example things like grass based mobs spawning inside dark caves.

Overall, Risugami’s Mods offer a lot of great Minecraft enhancements that are sure to make your gameplay more enjoyable.

How to Install Risugami’s Mods

  1. Download and install Minecraft Forge.
  2. Press start and type in %appdata%.
  3. Find and open your .minecraft folder.
  4. Locate to your mods folder (if this folder does not exist you can create one).
  5. Move the Reliquary Mod file into it.
  6. Open you launcher and select the profile according.
  7. Enjoy

Download Risugami’s Mods

Download all mods here:

Dropbox Folder

ModLoader Mod

Elemental Arrows Mod

More Stackables Mod

Sign Tags Mod

Death Chest Mod

Floodgate Mod

Spawner GUI Mod

Block Distortion Mod

Griefer Creepers Mod

Recipe Book Mod

Shelf Mod

Biosphere Mod

Armor Stand Mod

Mods by Risugami / Officual Mod Thread


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