Potion Storage Mod for Minecraft 1.10.2/1.10.3/1.10


Potion Storage Mod 1.10.1 – Anyone who has even the slightest amount of experience playing video games knows for a fact that potions are extremely important. Gaming has seen many different kinds of potions over the years. There are potions that allow players to regain their health, potions that allow players to regenerate their mana and even some special potions that grant their consumers bonus stats. Overall there are multitudes of potions types out there in gaming and of course in Minecraft. Using a potion can become slightly tedious in Minecraft since the system hasn’t been implemented as well as it could have but fortunately, the Potion Storage Mod is here to remedy that issue.
Potion Storage Mod

Potion Storage Mod News

The primary issue that arises when using a potion in Minecraft is that it keeps ticking even when you are not utilizing it. For example, you drink a combat potion anticipating a fight but it turns out that there isn’t actually any mob nearby for you to go up against. In this scenario, the potion’s effect will continue to function and its timer will continue to run even though it’s not actually being used. However, when using the Potion Storage Mod you will be allowed to stop the effects of the potion when it isn’t being used and resume them when necessary. This is something that makes the gameplay much more enjoyable and much less rage inducing since you won’t run into situations where a precious potion gets wasted.

Potion Storage Mod 1.9

Ever since its release, players have figured out many creative ways to make use of the effects of this mod and utilize it to its fullest potential. The most common and perhaps the most efficient way to us it is by drinking all the combat potions you have altogether and once you’ve consumed all of them, hit the pause key to temporarily stop all the effects. Then, whenever you’re about to enter a fight, simply un-pause the mod’s effect and you’ll be stronger than pretty much anything else since all the effects of the potions will be on you at the same time.

Potion Storage ModOne thing to keep in mind about this mod is that due to the strength it gives its users, it’s not really allowed in most online servers so it’s best that you stay away from it during online play because you will probably be banned if you get caught using it.

Installation Potion Storage Mod:

  • Make sure you have Minecraft Forge installed.
  • Download the mod.
  • Copy the downloaded .jar file and place it into the mods folder of your Minecraft installation.
  • Use the mod in-game.

Download Potion Storage Mod 1.10.1




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