OreSpawn Mod for Minecraft 1.12/1.11.2/1.10.2


Minecraft, over the years, has received an incredible amount of mods OreSpawn Mod 1.11 is a example, which in itself is a pretty great thing as it encourages more people to join the game and also gives it a fair bit of longevity but one issue that’s recently become seemingly common is that most recent mods tend to be more like utilities rather than actual content. This isn’t to say that the utility type mods are bad however since they do add a fair bit of convenience to the game but overall there’s definitely been a shortage of content oriented mods recently but the OreSpawn mod is an exception to this trend is definitely one of the more well-built mods out there.

OreSpawn Mod for Minecraft

The amount of content that exists in this mod is straight up incredible. It has just so much to offer that you could keep playing it for hours upon hours every single day and still not have seen all of its features. One could even say that this mod could be its very own game because of the amount of activities that it adds to Minecraft ranging from various different fighting sequences to multiple kinds of crafting aspects that are sure to impress the crowd.

OreSpawn Mod for Minecraft

Going into the items it adds, there are many different types of them. There are crafting items, food, tools, ancient weapons, new materials and much more. Some of the weapons are quite hard to achieve and are well worth it in the end due to how incredibly fun they are to use; the triple bladed Nightmare Sword and the Ray Gun come to mind when discussing such weapons. There are also dried ancient OreSpawn eggs that you can find and take care of. If you add a bucket of water to these on the crafting table then they will often surprise you by yielding some rather peculiar creatures and beings such as the rather cute hydrolisc who, during times of need, will actually give you his own hit-points if necessary if you have one tamed.

OreSpawn Mod for Minecraft

Perhaps the biggest highlight of OreSpawn Mod is the fact that the development team behind it is constantly working to add new features into the mix and they also listen to the fanbase quite a lot so player requested features are commonly seen implemented as well which is something that all can appreciate.

OreSpawn Mod for Minecraft

All things considered, OreSpawn is definitely one of the more popular Minecraft 1.9 mods out there and rightly so because it adds a whole new layer of depth to the game.

How to install Orespawn Mod?

  1. Check to see if you have Minecraft Forge installed from previous installation of other mods and ensure that it’s the latest version. If you don’t have it, download and install it before you continue.
  2. Download the mod and save it in downloads folder.
  3. Browse to %appdata% to locate your .minecraft folder then open the mods folder. If it is not there, you can create one.
  4. Go to the download folder and copy all the content of the mod then paste to the mod folder.
  5. Open Minecraft Launcher and select Forge profile.
  6. Enjoy!

Download Orespawn Mod 1.11

For better functioning, this mod and game performance install OptiFine


for minecraft 1.10 and 1.9

not released yet

for minecraft 1.7.10

for minecraft 1.6.4



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