OptiFine HD Mod for Minecraft 1.12/1.11.2/1.10.2 Download


If you are a minecraft player who is making use of the minecraft 1.10.2 version, then you need to really check OptiFine HD 1.10.2 for your minecraft experience to be complete. This is because the OptiFine 1.10, it doesn’t really matter whether your FPS is online or offline. They are about to get boosted immensely. Don’t bother about whether you will enjoy this boost if you are playing with multiplayer option because either way you will definitely have a boosted FPS. It is a mod that has been able to strike a balance between making the game more aesthetic without slowing down its speed. yaşlı porno zenci porno olgun porno genç porno liseli porno

Optifine hd and shaders mod 1.10

Why this mod has been so loved and embraced by so many minecraft players out there is that it isn’t just compatible with only the minecraft 1.10 but also it can be used in other versions of the game. This is a mod that has been able live up to its claims since being introduced in the minecraft world. It has improved the game a lot and because of this fact, it has become one of the most talked about mods by minecraft players. Also, one notable thing about this mod is that it works very well on computers that aren’t too sophisticated in terms of functionalities.

How to Increase FPS on Minecraft 1.10.2 with OptiFine 1.10.2

In other for you to see a massive boost in your FPS, there are some steps or things that you will need to do. Don’t worry as you don’t need to be a computer geek to have it done. Just follow the steps and you will be very amazed.

  • Adjust your graphics to fast
  • Render distance should be adjusted to short and tiny.
  • Smooth lightening should be turned off
  • Adjust the performance to FPS (please note that it should be set to max).
  • Advanced openGL should be adjusted to fast.
  • Clouds should be turned off
  • Fog should be turned off
  • Animations should be turned off.

optifine for minecraft 1.10

Why it is widely loved in the minecraft world by players

The beauty of every Minecraft Mods is in their ability to add more life to the game. Optifine mod isn’t shy of this one as it has been able to reform the game of minecraft through some of its mouth watering benefits which have endeared it to minecraft players. Some of them are:

  • It ensures smooth performance during the course of the game
  • Highly improved textures
  • Highly improved and sophisticated graphics.

OptiFine HD Mod for Minecraft 1.10.2 Installation tutorial in video:

Optifine HD Features

  • FPS boost
  • Support for HD Textures
  • Variable Render Distance
  • Configurable Smooth Lighting
  • Performance: VSync
  • Smart Advanced OpenGL
  • Fog control
  • Mipmaps
  • Anisotropic Filtering
  • Antialiasing
  • Better Grass
  • Better Snow
  • Clear Water
  • Random Mobs
  • Connected Textures
  • Natural Textures
  • FPS control
  • Chunk Loading Control
  • Configurable Details
  • Configurable animations
  • Fast Texturepack Switching
  • Fullscreen Resolution
  • Debug
  • Time Control
  • Autosave

How to Install Optifine HD Ultra in Minecraft 1.10.2

  • First update your minecraft for the same version of the mod.
  • Open the install OptiFine.
  • Click Install. After that you will have already installed the mod.

optifine hd 1.10

  • Open you Minecraft Launcher and select the OptiFine profile you just installed.

optifine 1.10 minecraft

How To Download OptiFine HD 1.10.2 For Minecraft?


Download links: Optifine HD 1.12

Download links for Minecraft 1.11: OptiFine HD

Download links for Minecraft 1.10.2: OptiFine_1.10.0_HD_U_A0_pre.jar

Download links for Minecraft 1.10: OptiFine_1.10.2_HD_U_C1_pre.jar

If the link above does not work, then follow the links from DROPBOX below:




Forum: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/mapping-and-modding/minecraft-mods/1272953-optifine-hd-b6-fps-boost-dynamic-lights-shaders


OptiFine 1.10.2_HD_U_C1_pre
 - added check for 3D Anaglyph + Shaders Mod
 - added support for shader formats R3_G3_B2, RGB5_A1, RGB10_A2, R11F_G11F_B10F
 - updated to Minecraft 1.10.2
OptiFine 1.10_HD_U_B7
 - fixed water rendering with top half slabs
 - changed option "Fullscreen Mode" to slider
 - fixed fullscreen mode to show all available resolutions 
 - fixed custom armor to use base texture when layers are not defined  
OptiFine 1.10_HD_U_B6
 - fixed PureBDCraft saplings in GUI, removed hack for plants, resource packs should use "symmetry=all" for flowers 
 - fixed water block color from below
 - fixed chunk loading race condition
 - fixed exp orbs flashing
 - fixed connected textures for glass panes to affect only sides (keep top and bottom textures)
 - fixed VSync to be loaded correctly
 - ported OptiFine B6 for 1.9.4 to 1.10  


This mod already comes with the installation of Shaders Mod 1.10 included.


  1. After this, Minecraft may not be much to look at, but that’s really not a big deal when you consider how blocky the game is anyhow. With Optifine HD mod, it’s possible to enjoy Minecraft even on older computers.


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