Minecraft Story Mode Episode 1, 2, 3, 4 – PC – APK Download Full


Minecraft Story Mode Episode 1, 2, 3, 4 – PC – APK Full Download, Descargar, Baixar

Minecraft has almost always been thought of as an open world sandbox styled game in which players get to carve their own path so the concept of a Minecraft story is definitely something that people haven’t considered before. However, the folks over at TellTale games and Mojang, the developers of Minecraft, have come together and created this absolute masterpiece in which players get to embark on an epic adventure that’s set in the actual game world of Minecraft. While it might seem rather weird at first to have an actual story accompanying the gameplay, it actually works out quite well and makes for a really engaging experience.

Minecraft Story Mode Episode

Minecraft Story Mode apk download

Minecraft Story Mode apk

Minecraft Story Mode download

In the game you play as a male or female hero named Jesse who has set out on a very dangerous adventure across the Overworld. We won’t give any major detail regarding the story here since that might spoil the experience but we definitely want to point out that the story is very compelling and once you get into it you’ll keep wanting to play on and on until you’ve seen through the end of it. Although the story progresses at a rather slow pace, it’s really well crafted overall.

The gameplay of Minecraft Story Mode isn’t exactly the standard kind that you’d expect out of a game based around Minecraft because it revolves around decision making and quick time events instead of active action based play. Although it’s really engaging overall, one flaw about it is that it focuses a bit too much on the dialogue and less on the actual gameplay which might put a few people off. On a technical level, this game is pretty much flawless. You’ll hardly, if ever, run into any bugs or glitches that might hinder the gameplay and therefore the overall experience is really smooth and enjoyable.

One of the biggest highlights of Minecraft Story Mode is that the voice acting cast behind it is highly talented. The game features the voice of Patton Oswalt from Ratatouille, Ashley Johnson from The Last of Us, Scott Porter from X-Men, Paul Reubens from Tron and multitudes of other highly talented voice actors that elevate the whole experience to a whole new level.

While the gameplay of Minecraft Story Mode is different from the normal style, the visuals are exactly what you’d expect them to be. The game retains the standard blocky art style that sets Minecraft apart from other games and is therefore sure to be enjoyed by many.

All said and done, the folks over at TellTale Games have done an excellent job of implementing an actual story into this amazing sandbox game.

Download Minecraft Story Mode

Download Minecraft Story Mode 1, 2, 3 and 4 PC:

Download Here – Mediafire


Download Minecraft Story Mode v1.14 APK:

Minecraft Story Mode APK Download Google Play


Download of APK (16 Mb)

Download APK PowerVR: Direct

Download APK Mali: Direct

Download APK Adreno: Direct

Download APK Tegra: Direct



Download of Data Obb (1.8 Gb)

Download Data PowerVR: Direct | Torrent

Download Data Mali: Direct | Torrent

Download Data Adreno: Direct | Torrent

Download Data Tegra: Direct | Torrent

Installation for Mobile

  1. Download the files below link (apk + data)
  2. Paste the APK to the SD memory or from your Android
  3. Paste the date on Android folder / Obb /
  4. com.telltalegames.minecraft100 /
  5. Unplug your computer cell
  6. Open your phone’s memory explorer,
  7. Look for the APK and install
  8. Have a good time!

Credits of APK to: www.jogos-para-android.com


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