Minecraft RV The Trendy Update Download, News, and Mods


“Woho! It’s already time for a pre-release of the next Minecraft version: 1.RV, The Trendy Update! This must have been the speediest update we’ve ever been able to push out, only a few days after 1.9.2.

With the Trendy Update we thought; why should we bring Minecraft to modern technology when we can bring technology to Minecraft? It’s time to get in line with the times and make Minecraft a game that feels it belongs in 2016. There has never been so much fuss about gadgets and wearables as in recent months, and trends are meant to inspire innovation. Not has there been a single IT exhibition without the flood of digital bracelets, miniature monitors attached to your glasses, and motion tracking devices. All to make our lives more engaged and immersed, with exciting new experiences.”


This are the words spoken by mojang, something totally inspiring right? we can clearly see that minecraft is taking huge proportions today with a large target audience the game is simply bursting with technology and news, who spoke to the purchase by Microsoft would end the game, however we see that the game remains a great game, and growing more and more. Minecraft RV something that can revolutionize the gaming world

So here comes an update to Minecraft that will really make the game feel fresh and thrilling.


Minecraft RV Minecraft 1.RV

List of the Feature Minecraft 1.RV Highlights:

  • Monsters will now be equipped with the latest gear on the market. What market? The monster market.
  • New tools that once you use them, you can’t remember how you could live your life without them. They may even not come off! But why would you want that anyway?
  • Never miss any important information! What’s important? We don’t know, so it will tell you everything. With sound!
  • All these gadgets will need more power, so we’ve added a USB Charger Block to help you out
  • Digitalized Herobrine
  • Removed Herobrine

Download Minecraft 1.RV:


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