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Upcoming Update

Recently announced Minecraft 1.9.1, it is very doubtful the reason for a so quick update after 1.9 minecraft take more than one year to be released, it seems to be the bug fixes to the game, very attend the world updates mods makers are already working hard to update their mods, and we are ready to release any news to you.

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Minecraft 1.9.1 Mods


Some updates and fixes Bugs

Additions in Minecraft 1.9.4

  • Added elytra sound effects.
    • Sound event item.elytra.flying
  • Armor attribute generic.armorToughness
    • Damage formula is now damage = damage * ( 1 - max( defensePoints / 5, defensePoints - damage / ( 2 + toughness / 4 ) ) / 25 ), i.e. increased toughness means less armor defense point reduction from strong attacks.
    • Diamond armor has toughness 2, all other armor has toughness 0. A full set of diamond armor therefore gives a toughness attribute of 8.
  • New option enableWeakAttacks in options.txt
    • Defaults to false. When false, the client will ignore attempts to attack when weapon cooldown is less than 75% recharged.


  • Session ID is now no longer printed by the game to the log files or to the launcher.[2]
  • Entity selector c (count) now sorts on proximity using true coordinates, not coordinates snapped to the grid.[3]
  • Loot tables now also work in dispensers and droppers
  • Hoppers can now push and pull items to and from blocked chests.
  • Increased limit per tick for scheduled tile ticks from 1,000 to 65,536.
  • Improved AI.[Verify]
  • Shields no longer take damage when blocking weak attacks (less than 3 (Heart.svgHalf Heart.svg) damage).
  • The title of the inventory of Minecarts with Chests and Minecarts with Hoppers now match the item’s name.

Minecraft Mods

Fixes for Minecraft 1.10.2

11 issues fixed
From released versions before 1.9.1
  • MC-7961 – Hopper can’t fill or empty a chest if the chest is blocked from opening.
  • MC-56162 – Setting /worldborder damage amount 0 doesn’t work.
  • MC-95352 – Spatial target arguments c, dx, dy, dz behave unexpectedly and inconsistently.
From release version 1.9
  • MC-90257 – A chain of command blocks may takes more than 1 tick to traverse.
  • MC-96219 – Block duplication bug with pistons (ghost blocks).
  • MC-96927 – Selector c Targeting Inaccurate Entity Position
  • MC-98327 – Elytra texture transparency issues.
  • MC-98461 – Several languages (at least Frisian, Talossan, Ripuarian, Lojban, and LOLCAT) are not selectable, “Eesti (Eesti)” is listed as “Inglise (US)”
  • MC-98587 – Command block logic sometimes fails arbitrarily
  • MC-99060 – Elytra glowing effect is always black.
  • MC-99697 – Typos in minecarts with hoppers and chests, reading “container.minecart
Other fixes
  • Fixed game engine adding non-existent entities (failed mob spawns, etc.) to its internal lists, increasing instability.

List from gamepedia.com


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