Minecraft Forge API 1.12/1.11.2/1.10.2


Minecraft Forge API 1.12 is one of the key attributes of minecraft and has helped tremendously to evolve the game to its current, highly successful shape. Giving players the ability to create various different kinds of mods and fixes using Modloading programs such as Minecraft Forge API, for the whole minecraft community to enjoy is a major driving force behind the game’s success. As the game is evolving so are the mods and vice versa. Minecraft Forge is essentially a mod loading and executing tool. The idea behind creating this tool was to ensure that the mods work effectively without any technical difficulties or hindrances in the game of minecraft and also improve the gameplay outside and inside your world.

Minecraft Forge for Minecraft

Another purpose of it was to simplify and streamline the manner in which the mods were operated which would allow a much greater audience who isn’t as tech savvy to make use of these mods easily and it did so by providing the users easy to operate windows where they can go through the entire list of mods that they have installed and switch mods on and off at the simple click of a button which was extremely convenient as it saved the users the trouble of going through the mod folders manually, locating the mod from the massive list and then toggling it off from there therefore saving an immense amount of time.

minecraft forge 1.9

In the image below we can see an example of what this powerful mod can do, we installed 56 mods in Minecraft, and all were loaded correctly, there mods of all tastes and functions example, dangeun mod, shaders mod, OptiFine, too many items, more boss, are an infinity mods, and Minecraft Forge Loader you can enjoy the maximum of these mods.

Minecraft Forge api

Minecraft Forge 1.12 was designed by LexManos who, ever since the inception of this utility, has worked tirelessly to keep it up to date and has constantly added new features and made various changes to help make it more usable and convenient. There are various versions of this utility available so you won’t have to worry about which version your minecraft is because Forge is available for every single one out there.

Minecraft Forge for Minecraft

How To Install Minecraft Forge API 1.11

Go to you Installer, Click “Next”, it should say “Successfully installed Forge build xxxxx”. This will create a profile called “Forge” in the launcher. Click on that to log in and begin install you Minecraft Mods. Let the green bar at the bottom fill first, then Minecraft Forge should launch.

To add mods, just go to:

Windows: %appdata%/.minecraft/mods

Downloads Minecraft Forge API


Forge API For Minecraft 1.11/1.10.2

for Minecraft 1.9, 1.9.1 [RELEASED]

For Minecraft 1.8.9 yes, now it was officially launched.

for Minecraft 1.8.8

for Minecraft 1.8

for Minecraft 1.7.10

for Minecraft 1.7.2

for Minecraft 1.6.4


Latest Changelog for Versions:


Build 1776:
	diesieben07: Fix broken patch in EntityPlayer.updateRidden

Build 1.9-
		Fix the EntityPlayer patch
		In 1.8.9 the call goes to getDisplayNameString() so that any changes from the PlayerEvent.NameFormat event are being take into account.
		In this patch the call goes to func_70005_c_() which is the getter for the GameProfile name.
		I changed it back.
		Sorry if you do not want to accept it because it is a one-liner.
	vincent.lee: Fix #2555


Build 1.8.9-
		Add a simple ContainedDep mechanic- mods can contain other mods or libs, and can specify them using a manifest tag: "ContainedDeps".
		This is a space separated (manifest standard) list of jar files that are to be extracted into the version specific directory.
		There's also a special system property "fml.skipContainedDeps" that will allow for runtime skipping of extraction of contained deps (a comma separated list, based on the file name).

Build 1.8.9-
		Added new get/setRegistryName functions to Item and Block.
		And helper functions in GameRegistry to allow for registering using those names automatically.
		This is to simplify registration and get rid of the horrible hacks users are doing now with 'unlocalised names'.


Build 1.8.8-
		Fixed registry issues that prevented connecting to 1.8 Forge servers.
		More precisely: Servers with missing registries default back to frozen version.
		Throw descriptive error if we do not have any information.


Build 1.8-
	LexManos: Fix invalid position passed to isAir/getLight in World.playAmbientSound


Build 1.7.10-
	michafla: fix logic for guessing mesa tag in biome dict
		Mods that are extracted to the mods dir by unzipping or whatever will now cause the game to crash. Too much info is in the META-INF now,
		and more will be being added. Extracting to the mods dir just completely breaks that.


Build 1.7.2-
	bspkrs: dupe quotes fix for category names


Build 1.6.4-
		Bump build for gradle fixes:
		  Now Builds for java 1.6
		  Include version,json in universal
		  Fixed classpath issues in eclipse task.



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