Jabba Mod for Minecraft 1.12/1.11.2/1.10.2


Jabba Mod 1.10.2 is the name of an amazing mod which stands for, Just Another Better Barrel Attempt. It is a storage mod whose main aim is to make a barrel that is better than what is there already. It brings with it one new block, which is the barrel itself, as well as an upgrades set and a dolly for moving things around.

Jabba Mod 1.9

The barrel interaction of Jabba Mod

The player can interact with the barrel in a number of classical ways, which are;

  • Putting a stack in the barrel by right clicking
  • Pressing shift and left-clicking for an item to be dropped from the barrel.
  • Dropping a stack from the barrel by using left-click
  • Right-clicking twice to transfer all items into the barrel from the inventory.
  • Holding shift down and right-clicking with an upgrade for the upgrade to be applied to the barrel.

Jabba Mod

Automatic conversion of ore

Ores/dusts/ingots are converted automatically by the barrels, from one mod to another. You can do it manually by placing the metal to be converted into the barrel and any interaction that follows with similar metal will result in automatic conversion.


Some of the advanced automation features of Jabba are;

  • Input and output can be from any side
  • There is a mechanism for locking which prevents emptying of the barrel completely
  • Unit compliant for deep storage for proper interfacing with other mods.

Upgrade system.

The dolly was created to help move around the new amount of capacity for storage. Carrying the barrel however, results in some negative effects that vary depending on the size of the barrel being transported. The dolly can also move chests as well as IronChests, IC2 machines and many other things.

Jabba Mod 2

How to install Jabba Mod

  1. Connect your device to any source of internet. Wi-Fi connection is generally more preferred.
  2. Download and install Forge. You must have it installed for the mod to work
  3. Download the Jabba mode and save the file somewhere.
  4. Copy the downloaded file and paste it in the directory for modes, found in the Minecraft folder
  5. Close everything and launch the game to see if the new mode was installed and works correctly.
  6. Enjoy the game.

Download Jabba Mod 1.9/1.9.1

For Minecraft 1.9.1/1.9

  • Not released yet

For Minecraft 1.7.10

For Minecraft 1.7.2

For Minecraft 1.6.4


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