How to Install Mods for Minecraft 1.10.2/1.10/1.11/1.9.4


How to Install Mods for Minecraft? The various available Minecraft mods expand greatly from the basic game, allowing for customization levels that can make the game feel like an entirely new one. But how does one install the mods? You must also put into consideration the effects of the mods on the Minecraft words. Compatibility issues also arise. This guide will help you through the entire process.

How to Install Mods for Minecraft
How to Install Mods for Minecraft 1.9 with Minecraft Forge API, This tutorial is for the 1.5.2 versions up to the latest minecraft, not only to version 1.9.


It is very important that you understand exactly what mods are and all the safety precautions that you need to take. You should also make a backup copy on any of the worlds that you would wish to keep. This is because sometimes the mods can corrupt your worlds permanently, which will necessitate a restore. For the backup process, locate the folder Minecraft/saves and copy it to a safe location afterwards.

How to Install Mods for Minecraft 1.5.2 up to the latest ?

Mod installation can be done in a variety of ways due to the fact that the different mods are created by different creators through different methods. Most mods come with their specific installationinstructions but not all of them.

The easiest way would probably be to use Minecraft Forge. It works with majority of the mods and the process involved is quite easy and fast.

Using Forge to Install Mods for Minecraft

Forge is a mod loader that really simplifies the entire process of installing mods. The steps to follow are;

  1. Downloading Forge
  • Visit the official website for forge and download the relevant version. It should be one that matches the Minecraft version compatible with your mods.
  • Check for the version number under the column of promotions and select it
  • If you are installing Forge for the very first time, choose the option Recommended.
  • Use the installer link under the column of downloads to download the file for installation.
  1. Install Forge

Open the already downloaded folder after scanning it with an antivirus software and select the option ‘install’,

  1. Launch Minecraft

Run Minecraft after the successful installation of Forge. Locate the new profile named Forge and use it to log in. you will now have a menu option named mods. Close and exit Minecraft.

  1. Install the mods

Copy the mod zip file of the mod you wish to install to the folder created by Forge called /Minecraft folder.

  1. Launch Minecraft

When you run your Minecraft again, you will have the newly installed mods listed under the Mods option on the menu.


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