Dramatic Skys Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.12/1.11.2/1.10.2


Minecraft is undoubtedly a very addictive game with lots to offer and while it struggles in the visual department a bit, most of its graphical issues can actually be resolved through Dramatic Skys Resource Pack. However, one issue that Minecraft has always faced over its lifespan is the fact that the in-game sky looks incredibly dull and lackluster. On top of this, creators of resource packs don’t really focus on this aspect of the game much since they’re busy working on the block textures, mob textures and what not. However, the Dramatic Skys resource pack is one that’s been designed for the purpose of enhancing the in-game sky and it does an incredible job of it.

Dramatic Skys Resource Pack 3 Dramatic Skys Resource Pack 4

It’s important to remember that Dramatic Skys has been developed solely for the purpose of enhancing the in-game sky so you shouldn’t expect anything else from it. All the block textures, item textures, animations and stuff will still remain the same as it is but the sky will look stunning once the pack has been used. Thankfully, the pack doesn’t have compatibility problems with other packs so you can combine this pack with another full-fledged pack that focuses on the standard in-game textures to make your Minecraft look stunning.

The Dramatic Skys resource pack features a very realistic looking sky. The moon looks fantastic, the sun is highly detailed, the day and night skies feel very realistic and there are even sunrise and sunset sequences that are a delight to look at. The lighting effects have been pulled off near perfectly as well so all the elements of the sky flow very well with each other. The pack also features a custom star field that you can modify according to your preferences to make the night time stars look whoever you want them to. This is a great feature and definitely one of the driving forces behinds this pack’s success and popularity.

Dramatic Skys Resource Pack2 Dramatic Skys Resource Pack

The best part about the Dramatic Skys resource pack is that it doesn’t put a strain on computers which means that even if you have a relatively old machine that can barely run Minecraft, you won’t experience drops in frame rate and this is a huge deal since it allows a lot more players to use the pack with their Minecraft client’s without worrying about potential lag issues that might arise from using it.


-Updated to work with 1.9-1.9.3
-Small changes made to the mc.meta

Dramatic Skys Resource Pack Installation:

There are two types of installation, you can follow either of the two below!

Easy Installation With Optifine:

  1. Download the Faithful 64×64 Resource Pack
  2. Download and Install the Optifine HD
  3. Start Minecraft
  4. Click Options > Resource Packs > Open resource packs folder.
  5. Paste the texture file into this folder.

For MCPatcher HD:

  1. Download the Sphax PureBDcraft Resource Pack.
  2. Download MCPatcher HD.
  3. In the main patcher window, click the Add (+) button.
  4. Select the zip file containing the Texture you wish to apply.
  5. Click ‘Patch’ button.
  6. Enjoy

Note: If you do not like this texture, please try the X-Ray Ultimate Resource Pack.

Download Dramatic Skys Resource Pack

Download Links:

231821Dramatic-Skys For Minecraft 1.9/1.9.2/1.9.3


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