Disarm the Bomb Map for Minecraft 1.10.2/1.10.3/1.10


Disarm the Bomb Map for Minecraft

Over the years, the community has developed some pretty highly appealing and engaging maps for Minecraft. There are multitudes of map types and some of the most common maps include parkour maps that put players through a really fast-paced experience, there are some great survival maps that are full of thrill and intensity and there are even some great platformer type maps in which players must to tasks like getting to the top of the map or getting from one point to another. However, there hasn’t been a map quite like the Disarm the Bomb Map.

Disarm the Bomb Map 1.9

Disarm the Bomb Map

This map puts players in a fast-paced and thrill filled setting in which, as the name suggests, they must first locate all the bombs and then disarm each of them individually before they blow up and completely obliterate everything in the area. Going into a bit of detail regarding the setting, the map basically consists of ten bombs, each bomb is placed in a room and there are a total of ten rooms so each room has one bomb. One thing to keep in mind about the bombs is that they only start their countdown once you actually enter the room so every time you decide to enter a room, make sure that you’re fully prepared so that crucial time isn’t wasted

One really impressive thing about this map is that each and every bomb has a completely different method of defusing it. You can’t just walk up to a bomb and then repeat the steps you used to defuse the previous bomb expecting them to succeed. You’ll need to crack the code of every single bomb individually while also keeping track of the time and making sure that you don’t do anything rash to make the thing go off. This feature is why this map can be considered a top quality map and also makes sure that the feeling of thrill and suspense never stops. However, once you finally do defuse every single bomb on the map, the feeling of satisfaction and achievement you get will be a great one and will most certainly be well worth all the effort and concentration you put in to stop all the bombs from going off.

Something that’s slightly disappointing about this Minecraft Map is the fact that you can’t play it on multiplayer. While you’ll be able to enjoy it in all its glory by yourself, if you were hoping to enjoy some bomb defusing action with your friends then you’re out of luck.

How to Install Disarm the Bomb Map

To install the Disarm the Bomb Map simply start up the Run prompt by pressing the Start + R keys. Once the prompt is open you must type in %appdata% and hit enter which will open a window full of folders. Find the folder named .minecraft and open it. In this folder you’ll find another one called saves, just copy the extracted contents of this map into the saves folder and you’ll be able to use it without any issues.

Download Disarm the Bomb Map


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