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DesnoGuns Mod MCPE 0.13.0/0.14.0 – Is it true that you are prepared to shriek while you work? How about we go over a few nuts and bolts of mining in the realm of Minecraft!

DesnoGuns Mod MCPE
DesnoGuns Mod MCPE
DesnoGuns Mod mcpe
DesnoGuns Mod mcpe
DesnoGuns Mod
DesnoGuns Mod

There are five sorts of pickaxes with which you ought to know: wooden, stone, iron, gold and precious stone. As you advance through the distinctive sorts, every pickaxe can normally mine the majority of the past materials alongside new mixed bags.

Beginning, wooden pickaxes can just stone, mine coal, iron, rock, Redstone, quartz, and cobblestone. A stone of pickaxe can likewise mine iron and gold. The pickaxe of iron adds the capacity to dig for precious stones and emeralds. The gold pickaxe is stronger than iron, however not as flexible as the precious stone pickaxe that can mine obsidian.


How would you get these important tools? In case you’re fortunate, you may locate an iron pickaxe that has brought forth inside a mid-section situated in a deserted mine, a town metal forger, or a fortification. You might likewise have the capacity to exchange with metal forger villagers; they look for emeralds in return for charmed iron and precious stone pickaxes. Be that as it may, most players get themselves needing to give themselves something to do so as to get every sort of pickaxe.

Beginning off in survival mode with a starter mid-section gives you a wooden pickaxe, which can be utilized to get wood for building a home (however you will probably incline toward a hatchet for that) or to begin mining quickly. Take a stab at burrowing down until you hit a stone, then mine however much as could reasonably be expected. Next, punch trees for wood. You can then utilize you’re making a table to change the wood into sticks, which will appear in your stock. Put the sticks and cobblestone on the making table to make the stone pickaxe. You are currently prepared to dig for an iron with a specific end goal to can create your next pickaxe.

To refine any metal, you will require a heater. You may discover one in the amusement (indication: look close metal forger shops in towns), or you can create one out of cobblestone. When you have a heater available to you, refine your iron utilizing coal as a part of the fuel opening and your iron mineral in the top. This procedure will furnish you with iron ingots that can be made on the same path as the stone pickaxe. Gold metal should also be refined with a specific end goal to be it into your gold pickaxe. Proceed with the movement until you are prepared to dig for precious stone and specialty the last pickaxe, however not being a metal mineral it needn’t bother with refining preceding creating.

Want to have more fun? Install DesnoGuns mod to enjoy different guns, explosions and weapons. Sounds exciting!

Have fun!


DesnoGuns Mod r008

- NEW: support for Minecraft PE 0.12.x

DesnoGuns Mod r007

- NEW: Crossbow
- NEW: Crossbow Explosive
- NEW: Smoke Grenade
- NEW: Riot Shield
- NEW: MSR (pro item)
- UPDATE: many IDs changed! (IDs changed: all the ammunitions and these items: Molotov, Fragment Grenade, Grenade, Medical Kit, Parachute, Knife, DesnoGuns Info, .44Magnum)
- FIX: fixed Settings section not working on Android 4.0
- FIX: fixed a crash with grenades when leaving the game
- FIX: fixed volume options not applied to reload sounds and miniguns

Installation instructions

• Download the zip that contains the mod and the textures.
• Extract it with an Android file manager (I use ES File Explorer) or with your computer.
• Install textures in BlockLauncher Pro 0.12.2.
• Import the script from local storage in BlockLauncher and enable it.
• Enjoy! 😉

Downloads DesnoGuns Mod MCPE 0.13.2/0.14.0 APK

Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.12.2, 0.13.0 & 0.11.1:
— DesnoGuns Mod r008:

Website Support Regular
MediaFire: Support download Regular download
Filecred: Support download Regular download
Android File Host: Support download Regular download


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