Custom Main Menu Mod for Minecraft 1.12/1.11.2/1.10.2


Although it might not seem like it, perhaps one of the most important things about pretty much every single game is its main menu. This is basically where everything starts off. Through this menu you can start a new game, resume an older save file, go into the settings of a game and modify stuff or even exit a game when you’re done playing. Due to its importance, it’s crucial that the main menu be designed properly or else it can have adverse impacts on the overall experience and the Custom Main Menu mod is here to make sure that players can customize their menus according to their preferences.

Custom Main Menu Mod for Minecraft
Custom Main Menu Mod for Minecraft

The Custom Main Menu mod works with the help of a .json file that allows players to customize pretty much every single aspect of their main menu. Upon applying the mod you won’t notice any major differences directly but you’ll see that the vanilla menu has a new settings button present in it. Cliking this button will take you to the customization menu where you can make all the changes you want to in order to make sure that the main menu looks exactly in-line with your preferences and likings.

Custom Main Menu Mod for Minecraft

The settings button isn’t the only way to use this mod either. You’ll find its .json file in the config/CustomMainMenu folder and upon opening this file you’ll see a lot of stuff that you’re already familiar with and a bunch of other stuff that you probably haven’t seen before. You can make changes directly through this file as well but it can be slightly complicated so you should make all edits carefully in order to avoid making a change that you don’t actually want to. Once you’ve made all the necessary alterations simply save the .json file and launch Minecraft to experience your newly customized menu.

The changes that you can make with this mod are pretty amazing. You can change the position of sub menus, you can add new sub menus, you can add links to external web pages, you can add slideshows and even color code all the text that the menu consists of to make it easier and convenient to browser around. If you’re looking to add custom logos to your Minecraft menu through this mod then there’s a pretty useful site which is that you can use for the purpose of generating said logos.

See the tutorial to Install mods in Minecraft Here!

Changelog Custom Main Menu Mod:

  • Added: apng (Animated PNG) support for Images / Textures / etc.
  • Added: “realms” as a valid gui for the openGui Action
  • Changed: String Placeholders are now functional in links & web textures
  • Changed: Renamed “texts” to “labels” in the json files, please change this in your configs, “texts” will no longer work in the next version (Not this one)
  • Changed: Instead of crashing CMM will now just not load on servers

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How to install Custom Main Menu Mod

  • Install and run Minecraft forge
  • Download CustomMainMenu-MC mod
  • Browse to %appdata% Minecraft/mods folder
  • Copy and paste all files and drop the zip file that you downloaded
  • Enjoy!

Download Custom Main Menu Mod:


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