Castle Tower Defense Map for Minecraft 1.10.2/1.10.3/1.10


The Castle Tower Defense Map is a really fun and engaging tower defense map that bases itself on the vanilla Minecraft style and delivers players a really thrilling and memorable experience. The map has been designed by NateT_Bird who is a pretty experienced map creator and his skill is definitely showing in this map. As of right now it has over 100,000 downloads which is a testament to its quality and most of the people who have used it have had nothing but positive things to say about it so definitely it’s a map that we recommend giving a shot to.

Castle Tower Defense Map
Castle Tower Defense Map

The map consists of twenty waves of zombies that you’ll have to deal with as quickly as possible to defend your castle from destruction. It uses the traditional tower defense formula that’s been popular for many years now. You’ll start off by dealing with easy waves and they’ll become increasingly difficult with each passing wave so you’ll have to play at the top of your game in order to achieve victory on this map. This is definitely one of the more challenging tower defense maps out there which is great for players who feel like past maps haven’t been tough enough.

Castle Tower Defense Map
Castle Tower Defense Map for Minecraft

There are four different zombie types in the Castle Tower Defense map; Basic, Swarm, Armored and Speedy. Each individual type has its own strengths and weaknesses that you’ll need to figure out on your own so that you can deploy counter-measures against them. The map becomes extremely difficult in the final waves because they consist of a mix of all the different zombie types which makes countering them rather difficult. After each wave passes you will be given a little bit of gold to spend on defensive maneuvers like towers, bows, arrows and various other things. There are a total of three difficulty settings so you can pick one that’s according to how you like to play.

Bear in mind that you’ll only have access to a limited amount of lives so if you run out during gameplay then you’ll have to start from the very beginning. Another thing to keep in mind about it is that while it does support multiplayer, it’s quite buggy and causes the game to crash from time to time so we recommend staying away from the multiplayer as you probably won’t be able to get it to function properly.

How to Install Castle Tower Defense Map

Click on the “Open Game Dir” button” on the bottom right corner of the Profile Editor. 4.) Your saves folder will be in here. Once you’ve found your minecraft saves folder, you can copy and paste the location into your file archiver program and extract the minecraft map to there.

Download Castle Tower Defense Map:

This was made for Minecraft 1.7


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