Build Faster Mod for Minecraft 1.12/1.11.2/1.10.2


You’d probably be lying if you said that there didn’t ever come a point in your Minecraft journey where you were wishing for the building process to be a lot quicker than it is, As it stands right now, creating stuff in Minecraft is really fun but it often consumes a lot of time, The Build Faster Mod is here for exactly that reason. This mod makes a ton of changes to how the overall game works and allows players to undergo construction processes much quicker as the name already suggests. Aside from just speeding up construction, it adds a ton of other helpful features as well.

Build Faster Mod for Minecraft

The mod comes loaded with multiple different tools but the most useful one that players will probably be using the most is the tool which allows you to build massive straight rows of blows with a simple click. Instead of manually clicking every single time you need to place a block, you can simply click once and this mod will do the rest for you. This is pretty convenient and obviously saves up a ton of time that the player can then utilize to make other creative things in the game.

Build Faster Mod 
Replace all blocks of one type with another one!!!!
Build Faster Mod for Minecraft 1.9
Add an extra row to the top of curved walls with a single click!!!
Build Faster
Single-click undo!!!!!

Other than just placing long rows of blocks, the Build Faster mod also allows you to instantly change the material of your blocks without any hassle. Ever have those moments where you were done creating the foundation for your next masterpiece but then suddenly realized that another material would do much better? This mod is perfect for those situations because a single click will instantly swap all selected blocks to the material of your preference. Basically the whole mod is quite similar to WorldEdit but the thing that makes it standout is the fact that it’s much more user friendly and can be used by pretty much anyone.

Finally, one of the biggest highlights of this mod is definitely the copy paste tool. This tool allows you to do the incredible convenient task of copying entire structures and placing them some other place entirely. It doesn’t even matter what kind of structure you’re copying. Whether it’s a plane, a building, a ship or any other kind of structure, you will be able to copy it within a matter of seconds which saves quite a fair bit of time. The mod has been designed by TheGreyGhost and is available for both Minecraft 1.8 and Minecraft 1.7.10

Installation Build Faster Mod

  1. Check to see if you have Minecraft Forge installed from previous installation of other mods and ensure that it’s the latest version. If you don’t have it, download and install it before you continue.
  2. Download the mod and save it in downloads folder.
  3. Browse to %appdata% to locate your .minecraft folder then open the mods folder. If it is not there, you can create one.
  4. Go to the download folder and copy all the content of the mod then paste to the mod folder.
  5. Open Minecraft Launcher and select Forge profile.
  6. Enjoy!


Download Build Faster Mod 1.10.1

For Minecraft 1.9/1.8.8/1.8/1.7.10/1.6.4

Download Now


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