Botania Mod for Minecraft 1.10.2/1.10.3/1.10


Botania Mod – There are many things that can be said about Minecraft, boring is not one of them. This is due to the amazing extension of the game. The best way to achieve new boundaries and explore the world of Minecraft is by installing a MOD (short for modifications). Minecraft mods will change the game content to such an extent that you will be able to enjoy a whole new experience.

Botania MOD 1.9

Botania – A whole new experience

Every once in a while a tech MOD appears and it changes the face of the game. Botania Mod is one of these tech MODs. It focuses on the flora and it functions in correlation with the theme created by what is known as natural magic. As most of the modifications that appear in the Minecraft universe the flora is not the only thing that is changed using the MOD.

Botania MOD

There are few limitations to Botania Mod and you will find information regarding it inside the game by crafting the Lexica Botania, this represents the MOD’s documentation book. You can get access to it by crafting using a book and any type of sapling.

Latest Changelog:

R1.8 248

  • Botania panes now have light. (Lazersmoke)
  • Botania’s backported 1.8 stones now support the ore dictionary for variant recipes. (Lazersmoke)
  • Changed a bit the Lexica Botania’s cover.
  • Fixed alternate grass types not being able to sustain sugar cane.
  • Fixed alternate grass types not breaking faster with a shovel.
  • Fixed Mana Flashes not having a lexicon binding.
  • Fixed Mana Lenses having a possible invalid recipe. (Lazersmoke)
  • Fixed the Hopperhock calling inventory methods on the client side, and thus, crashing when used alongside a BetterStorage Crate.
  • Fixed the Ring of Odin Fire Resistance config not changing its extinguish behaviour.
  • Platforms now handle block render colors via metadata. (yrsegal)

Installing Botania Mod

When installing a MOD you should have one thing in mind, Minecraft forge API. This tool was created to allow other MODs to work correctly and improve the overall gameplay.

  • Download the Forge for your Minecraft version, download the version which features the installer.
  • Get Baubles to make sure Botania works.
  • Edit your Minecraft version so that it is the same as Botania and Baubles.
  • Run the Jars and keep an eye on the AppData folder.
  • Copy the Jars to the MODs folder in Minecraft.
  • Change the Minecraft profile to Forge and run the game to check if the MODs installed correctly.

Download Botania Mod:

For Minecraft 1.10.1
  • Not released yet
for Minecraft 1.7.10

Minecraft 1.7.2


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