AgriCraft Mod for Minecraft 1.10.2/1.10.3/1.10


AgriCraft Mod – There is nobody in the gaming world who hasn’t heard of Minecraft. The simple design and original idea is what makes this game great.

AgriCraft Mod

AgriCraft – The Best Crop MOD

The constant development of the world of Minecraft has been made possible with the help of Minecraft mods. Now you will be able to enjoy a new and natural crop breeding line just like the Forestry line that ads the HarvestCrops. This MOD (short for modification) aims to implement the IC2 crops mutations. It is set out to address every crop available and you will be able to configure any mutation while adding the farming equipment.

You will be allowed to plant and harvest seeds on AgriCraft Mod and you can do this from any MOD.

This MOD’s core mechanic is based on mutations. You can use existing crops to create a crosscrop and by doing this mutations will occur. This MOD supports NEI and thus you can find out all the mutations, you can use this or you can disable this functionality and experiment for yourself.

AgriCraft Mod 1.9

Another facility that the MOD implements is the irrigation system that makes sure your land is fertile and can support the crops.

Other features include the possibility to add your own crops. You can also enjoy greenhouses that contain random crops and the resource crops feature that generate gold nuggets, redstone dust and others.

Tips for Angricraft

The Journal:

AgriCraft Mod
AgriCraft Mod
Seed Analyzer:
AgriCraft Mod
Irrigation Systems:
AgriCraft Mod


-ADDED: Nitor Wart: a new crop that produces glowstone dust
-CHANGE: Renamed Mushroom Seeds to Spores
-CHANGE: Sprinklers are now less laggy
-FIXED: Various crashes related to analyzed seeds in the journal after removing mods
-FIXED: Unable to plant crops on soul sand
-FIXED: Broken scythes will no longer harvest crops
-FIXED: Blacklisted seeds bypass disabling of Vanilla farming correctly

Installation Guide AgriCraft Mod:

As with most of the MODs in Minecraft the Minecraft forge API is used and will help with the installation.

  • Download the installer making sure you have the NET Framework 4.0 on your PC.
  • Run the installer and click on the “Options” tab, then hit “Clear Mods” and “Clear Config”. This is an important step do not miss it. Go back to the “Install” tab and click on “Install Mod”.
  • Set the profile to “Forge API” and you can then play.

Download AgriCraft Mod:

For Minecraft 1.10.1

  • not released yet

For Minecraft 1.7.10

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