Too Much TNT Mod for Minecraft 1.12/1.11.2/1.10.2


You can’t really ever have Too Much TNT Mod 1.10.1 in any game even though the name of this mod implies otherwise. As you could already guess, what this mod does is that it adds a whole bunch of explosive elements to spice up your usual Minecraft gameplay. It enhances the game in a ton of ways and is a mod that will most certainly appreciated by enthusiastic gamers who like their Minecraft with an explosive twist to it. It’s basically the perfect thing for those who think that the usual offerings that this game has to offer are rather dull.

Too Much TNT Mod

To kick things off, first off it’s worth mentioning that there are over fifty different kinds of TNT varieties that this mod implements into the game. What’s incredible is that each different TNT has a unique look of its own and different effects as well so there’s basically something for everyone. The mod has been developed by MinecraftTNTstuff and something really commendable about it is the fact that it’s constantly being kept up to date. As of right now it’s on version 1.8 and each new release comes with new TNTs and a bunch of other explosive features that players are sure to enjoy.

Too Much TNT Mod


The mod isn’t just restricted to TNT however as there are lots of other explosive items as well. The primary thing that comes to mind is dynamite; dynamite is basically a smaller scale explosive that might not have the bang of your usual TNT but is still quite useful as it can be thrown from a distance and doesn’t require to be planted like a usual TNT explosive would. This is quite convenient in a lot of cases where you want to blow stuff up from afar or just need a minor explosion without having to make too much effort. Alongside dynamite you also have gunpowder and uranium ore. Gunpowder is pretty self explanatory but uranium ore is the really unique thing. It has a variety of different uses; you can convert it into plutonium dust or if need be utilize it for energy generation if you have access to a nuclear reactor. Overall, the amount of content in this mod is pretty impressive and is sure to engage players of all kind.

Too Much TNT Mod


All things considered, the Too Much TNT mod for Minecraft 1.9 mods is really solid and definitely one of the more well designed mods out there.

Installation by creator

Too Much TNT Mod Installation:

First to install Minecraft Forge all you need to do is open what you have downloaded and hit ok, it will automatically install forge for you. You should have also downloaded the TooMuchTNT mod which would come in a .jar file. Go to “Start” and type in search bar %appdata%, click the folder then find “.minecraft” and open the “mods” folder. There is where you will drag the the “TooMuchTNT v#.#.jar” into.

After, log in to minecraft and before hitting play click “edit profile” and click “use version”. Scroll down and click on forge version, this will run your mods.

Download Too Much TNT Mod 1.10.1


for Minecraft 1.8 Download

for Minecraft 1.7.10 Download

for Minecraft 1.6.4 Download



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