Huahwi PvP Resource Pack for Minecraft 1.12/1.11.2/1.10.2


Huahwi PvP Resource Pack – This one has the origin of its name from a YouTuber who was very popular. It has proven to be a version just like the original pack of 32 x 32 with the only difference being that it is more customizable. Its resolution is 64 x 64 pixels as there tends to be more things it can add to the game.


  • Its textures are updated.
  • Its enchantments are of an updated version.
  • Its wooden bow is updated with its texture being changed to silver.
  • It has a color map by default and also cut – off swords.

Huahwi PvP Resource Pack

Huahwi PvP Resource Pack

Huahwi PvP Resource Pack Installation:

  1. Download from the Curse Forge
  2. Fo to Start and type Run
  3. Now type %appdata%\.minecraft/
  4. Locate the Resource Packs folder
  5. Drag and drop or copy and paste the .zip file into the resource pack folder
    • Boost Minecraft with OptiFine (Highly Recommend)
  6. Go to resource packs (in options)
  7. Select the downloaded resource pack
  8. Enjoy!

Note: If you do not like this texture, please try the Faithful 32×32 Resource Pack.

Download Huahwi PvP Resource Pack

Download Links:


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