Dungeon Pack Mod for Minecraft 1.10.2/1.10.3/1.10


Dungeon Pack Mod – Dungeons are something that have been around every since games were invented many years ago. Even the text based RPGs of the past made players stroll through dungeons so that they may slay fierce monsters and get their hands on epic loot that will then make them much stronger. Over the years dungeons have evolved quite a bit, they’ve become more and more challenging as the time has gone by and game developers have constantly been creating clever new ways to give the players a challenge unlike one they’ve ever experienced before.

As of recently, dungeons have made their way into Minecraft as well but they’ve been rather underwhelming. However, the Dungeon Pack Mod fully embraces this concept and implements some really high quality dungeons into the game to provide players a refreshing and enjoyable experience that is above and beyond anything they’ve ever gone through before when it comes to dungeons in Minecraft.
Dungeon Pack Mod 1.9

The basic purpose of the Dungeon Pack Mod is to add an absolutely massive variety of dungeons to Minecraft to give players something fresh. The mod implements over 20 different kinds of dungeons, some will take you to the deepest depths of the underworld, some will take you into an enchanted forest and some will take you to a place that you’ve never ever heard of before. Each one of the dungeons that this mod adds to the game feels really fun to play so you’ll definitely have a good time when using it.
Dungeon Pack Mod

The dungeons added by the Dungeon Pack Mod can be divided into two major types; Boss Dungeons and Simple Dungeons. Boss Dungeons, as the name implies, are those in which you run into a fearsome boss at the very end. The boss is almost always really difficult to kill but is also well worth the effort. The Simple Dungeons are those in which you won’t have to face a massive boss at the end of the dungeon. These are generally easier than the Boss Dungeons so they are better suited for players who want a casual experience.

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Dungeon Pack Installation Process:

  • Download the Dungeon Pack mod for Minecraft.
  • Extra the downloaded file to access the .jar file.
  • Copy the .jar file.
  • Paste the copied .jar file in the installation directory of your Minecraft client.
  • Enjoy the mod in-game and enjoy the multitudes of dungeons that it implements.

Download Dungeon Pack

Download from MinecraftForum Website

Credits to Stuuupiiid



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